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Murray's is the Official Sponsor of this Year's PCSP Garden Competition

While people garden for so many reasons, its important to remember that all gardens are gifts to the community. They add vibrancy, ecological diversity, and colourful palettes that are appreciated by the gardener, their neighbors, and the greater population. This contest, which is open to all residents of Portugal Cove-St.Philip's, is intended to recognize those homeowners and businesses that have embraced the spirit of gardening and given the gift beauty to our community.

Deciduous Shrubs
Broadleaf Evergreens
 Deciduous Trees

Workshops & Events Garden Tips
Murray's Eco-Days
Return your plastic pots and trays for recycling or reuse. Learn about native plants and composting. More details coming soon.
Location: Murray's Garden Centre
Date: Thurs-Sun,  July 16-19

Mystery Garden Tour
Don't miss this opportunity to "look over the fence" and find inspiration from the privately owned gardens in your own neighborhood. 10 private gardens, plus MUN Botanical Garden will be available to visit.
Location: Tickets for sale at
               Garden Centre
Cost: $25
Date: Sat-Sun, July 18-19
Wildflower Lawns
Imagine looking out your window to see a miniature meadow, filled with bright wildflowers, birds swooping and hovering, and perhaps a small animal or two peeping out.  You don't even have to mow the grass anymore. Continue reading...
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